domingo, 30 de janeiro de 2011

Time to Smile =)

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I was thinking about how some dramas make me smile only thinking about them. And then I decide to make a list of some very funny and cute dramas that will certainly put a smile on your face too ^^

You're Beautiful
Secret Garden
Nodame Cantabile
Couple or Trouble
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Snow White aka Taste Sweet Love
My Girl
Full Count 
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Sweet 18
Attention Please
Attashinchi no Danshi
Hana Yori Dango
Yasuko to Kenji
Corner With Love
Hi, My Sweetheart
Smiling Pasta

Personal Preference

Enjoy the dramas... And Always Smile ^^

sexta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2011

Welcome to Asian Drama Cafe ^^

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Hello there Asian Drama Lovers or should I say Dramaholics hehe well this is my first post and honestly I have no idea where to start. So I was thinking let's begin talking about a drama that many people love including myself. The drama is non other then Secret Garden, a korean drama which just end it but still making a lot of buzz. Well many people wonder why Secret Garden is so popular, well from my point of view it has a lot to do with the wonderful main cast Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. Of course the other actors did very well to. I was very happy the second female lead wasn't the usual scheming witch because I'm honestly tired of those. But we had the evil mother who tries all the time split the couple. But the drama would be boring without one of those right?! We also had the second male lead who is a great guy, that does everything for the girl but ends alone or almost since this time there was a little twist on that. 

Hmm so talking a little about the characters Hyun Bin plays Kim Joo Won who is a rich... spoiled... jerk type of character. Seriously the guy was a jerk but I love those type of characters in dramas and I have no idea why. He was really neurotic and kinda crazy but what I really liked about him was his love for Ra Im. He really loved her and proved that sacrificing his life so she could live. When he was in Ra Im's body he made her character cooler and crazier. Perhaps the most popular trait of  Joo Won and the drama itself was the famous (no irony there) Sparkling Tracksuit. Everybody loves that and it gained parodies everywhere. 

Gil Ra Im is a stuntwoman and that alone is really cool. She works really hard and many people look down on her. She is actually very feminine and girly inside but because of her work and her personality she keeps that to herself. Ra Im is a big fan of Oska, Joo Won's cousin who is a superstar and it's hilarious those two "flirting" in front of Joo Won. I used to like Ra Im very much in the beggining of the show because she was so though and independant but her character kinda got weaker as the show goes on. But gladily she becomes cooler again in the ending ^^ When she is in Joo Won's body she becomes very funny, the girly way she acts around Oska is hilarious.

One of the most famous scenes in Secret Garden is the Foam Kiss. This scene happens when Joo Won and Ra Im are talking and the foam of her capuccino was left on her upper lip so he "cleans it" with his own mouth. I honestly got chills from that scene.

So I hope you guys liked my blog and in the future I'll talk more about Secret Garden and other dramas. Have fun always watching and being addicted to asian dramas ^^ I know I will hehe

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